About Us

Our Mission

  • Provide exceptional snow management and ice remediation services
  • Operate with the ‘safety first’ mindset for every storm
  • Be your reliable and professional source for needed winter services

Our Vision

Transportation and warehousing is the FASTEST growing sector in our local economy, adding over $2 Billion to the Lehigh Valley GDP in 2017 alone. Continued growth is expected to continue at 9.5% annually in years to come (LVEDC, 2017 Annual Report).

Keystone Snow Management seeks to be the dominant force in snow & ice management services for the Lehigh Valley.

Chris Colitas Founder & CEO – Keystone Snow Management

With over 20 years of snow and ice management experience here in the Lehigh Valley, Chris is known for his professionalism and winter weather instinct. Being a true lover of snow, and not just someone who feels like they “have” to be in the business, Chris is constantly studying weather models and satellites to make quick and reliable decisions. With equipment that is reliable and crews who are dedicated to your site, Chris is your guide to providing your industrial, commercial, and retail site continued logistical success during the winter months.

Why Choose Keystone?










What Customers Say

"Chris immediately showed us his understanding for our need to continue operations through any type of weather. His attention to detail for ice safety and ability to think allowed our trucks and employees to continue working."

Lowe’s Home Improvement

"As a food distributor, ANY downtime means a potential loss in expired fresh produce and meats. Working with Chris is a pleasure as every email, phone call, and text is answered promptly and professionally. Knowing that Chris is taking care of how my property is serviced during winter weather allows me to be worry free."

Giant Food Stores